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London Wooden Sanded Floors

Wooden Floor Sanding Renovation and Repair

YourLondonBuilders.co.uk have over 30 years of home improvements and renovation projects, many of these involving laying bespoke flooring of all types. One of the more popular requests is for wooden floor sanding. This involves sanding, filling gaps, repair and replacement using new and reclaimed wood, staining and varnishing. Apart from sanded floors we offer a range of floor finishes detailed below

Wooden Floors Flooring Services
  • Sanded Wooden Floors
  • Floor Board Repair
  • Carpet Fitting
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Vinyl Floor Tiles
  • Cork Floor Tiles
  • Parquet Floor Fitting
  • Slate Flooring
  • Non-slip Flooring
  • Tiled Floors

YourLondonBuilders.co.uk is your number one choice in London for Wooden Floor Sanding and floor installation of all descriptions. We cover all aspects of floor installation and finishing from refurbishment, staining, hard waxing, colour washing, fitting new and reclaimed wooden floors including traditional wooden block mosaics for both commercial and domestic clients. Our Flooring Specialists are fully insured and all flooring work is guaranteed. Take a look at our portfolio which shows the wow factor floor finishes we have put into our Kitchens, bathrooms and house extensions.

Flooring Price Promise

On smaller projects YourLondonBuilders.co.uk will not charge you a penny until the work is complete. On larger building projects YourLondonBuilders.co.uk will fund the first £10,000 of work. This is your assurance that the job will be completed to 100% client satisfaction. Much of our flooring work comes through recommendation and we work for property developers, housing associations, schools, councils, insurance companies, landlords as well as domestic clients.

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Sanding Wooden Floors

No Mess Floor Sanding

YourLondonBuilders.co.uk use the latest continuous belt floor sanders and mobile dust extraction units which make the process of floor sanding virtually dust free - very important for people who suffer from dust allergies.

Some dust is unavoidable but this is minimised by careful use of masking and screening combined with frequent vacuuming.

Professional edging sanders are used to get right into the corners and edges without causing damage to skirting boards and doors timbers.

Floors are normally sanded three times using coarse, medium and fine sand paper. This progressive sanding will remove scratches, dents, pits, and any old finishes on the floor.

Wooden Floors - Gap Filling

Repair and Renovation

Most wooden floors will have gaps which need filling before sanding and finishes are applied. Filling the gaps has major benefits including

  • Better insulated floors
  • No insects or pests
  • Noises and squeaks eliminated

Smaller gaps (up to 4mm) are filled with a mixture of resin and saw dust taken from the floor. One of our preferred methods for floor gap filling is to use reclaimed wooden slivers. These are wedge shaped slivers of wood cut to size , glued and hammered into place. After the glue has set the sliver can be sanded down - matching the original wood in the floor. Only old wood is used for gap filling slivers. New wood would change its shape over time and is unsuitable to use as a gap filler.

Wooden Floors - Finishes

Staining, Colour Washing and Oiling

Stains are available in a range of colours from light oak to antique mahogany. Colour washes can be any colour including white. These options can be used to colour match the floor to the room furnishings, or to give the floor a more uniform look.

Oiling gives a floor a classic and natural look. Available in matt or gloss and quite easy to maintain - any scratches are simply re-oiled. However each coat can take as long as 24 hours to dry.

Floor Varnishing

Varnishing floors gives a hard wearing durable finish which is easy to maintain. We generally use water based varnishes which dry quickly, are odourless and are kind to the environment. There are two main options offered - gloss or matt.

Cheap Flooring Services

Our Price Guarantee for Floors

Are you looking for the cheapest flooring service in London? As experienced London Builders we know that the cheapest flooring quotes are not always value for money.

YourLondonBuilders.co.uk will charge you a fair and competitive price for any flooring project. We also promise never to compromise the quality of our work by using sub-standard techniques in order to reduce the cost.

What we do is charge you a fair and competitive price for any flooring project. The finished floor will look superb and be guaranteed - that's what we call real value for money.

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Professional Wooden Flooring

Certified Flooring Specialists

All builders working for YourLondonBuilders.co.uk have the relevant trade association certification including our flooring specialists who belong to the National Wood Flooring Association

Wooden Floors

We can help and advise you on making the correct decision for any wooden flooring project - making sure you choose the floor that's right for you in terms of lifestyle, location and budget. and we won't charge you a penny for the work until you are 100% satisfied with the quality and finish of the floor

Sanded Wood Floors - Preparation

Further Preparation of Wooden Floors

As well as sanding and gap filling, wooden floors will often need further preparation. Entire floor boards may need replacing - we use reclaimed flooring to achieve a match.

Rotten or badly decayed floor joists may need complete or partial replacement with treated timber.

If the room contains a fireplace it may have a concrete hearth. We can remove this and replace it with reclaimed floor boards to give the floor a continuous look.

Woodworm is sometimes a problem that need treating and finally skirting boards may need to be removed, replaced and raised slightly to accommodate the new flooring