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Underpinning and Piling London

Professional Underpinning and Piling for the Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors

YourLondonBuilders.co.uk has earned an enviable reputation throughout London for underpinning, subsidence repair and piling. With over thirty years of experience within the construction industry, we have the technical skills and expertise to deliver quality underpinning and piling projects on time, on budget and at cost effective prices. We work within the residential, industrial and commercial sectors and over 90% of our underpinning work comes through recommendations by previous clients.

Foundation Underpinning

We are a one stop shop for piling, underpinning, subsidence and structural repairs to property, providing architects, site surveyors, structural engineers and experienced tradesmen to diagnose problems and identify the best solutions.

Advanced piling and underpinning techniques combined with the latest cutting edge equipment puts us at the leading edge of the London construction industry.

Underpinning and Piling Services include

  • Underpinning - Mass Concrete, Beam and Base and Mini-piled
  • Foundation Design Repair and Installation
  • Restricted Access Piling
  • Subsidence Repair
  • Reinforced Concrete Works
  • Basement Stabilisation and Renovation

London Underpinning Specialists - Our Price Promise

All work by YourLondonBuilders.co.uk comes with warranties and guarantees. All our tradesmen have years of experience and are properly insured and certified within their own particular profession.

YourLondonBuilders.co.uk will charge you a fair and competitive price for any under pinning and subsidence project.

On major underpinning works YourLondonBuilders.co.uk will fund all costs up to £10,000. Larger projects are put under the control of a hands on Project Manager ensuring a high quality finish coming in on time and on budget.

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Grouted Underpinning

Grouting used to fill cavities below ground. Typically it is used to fill in disused drainage systems or cavities due to settlement under floor slabs.The grout is pumped directly into the cavity under low pressure.

It may be necessary to drill a series of small holes through the concrete slab to gain access to the cavity.

Pin Pile and Grout

Subsidence Control

Grouting is injected through a series of small drilled holes into the under lying cavity. Larger holes are then drilled through and mini piles are driven through the concrete and the injected grouting. It is then concreted over.

Any subsidence is stabilised by the existing concrete forming a bond with the new concrete and injected grout.

Knuckle Piles

Restricted Access

This is an effective under pinning solution where access is very restricted and is used to resolve settlement or heave property subsidence.

A single mini pile is inserted around the affected area. The brick work around the pile is removed and replaced with a steel reinforcement cage which is then filled with concrete.

Pile and Beam

Tiling Bathrooms

The pile and beam system is similar to Knuckle Piling and is used in situations of settlement and heave subsidence where the loads are greater.

Mini piles are inserted on both sides of the affected area, foundation brick work removed and replaced with a reinforcement cage filled with concrete.


Traditional Techniques

Traditional underpinning involves carefully digging a series of separate holes around the effected area and then back filling them with concrete.

This is progressively repeated until all the effected area has been completely filled with concrete. It is used to correct both settlement and heave subsidence.

Piled Raft

Piled Raft Underpinning

Raft piling is used when it is necessary to underpin the entire property to stabilise the existing subsidence.

The floors are removed and mini piles are inserted according to the structural engineers report. Brick work is then removed between the piles and concrete reinforcement takes place.

Twin Pile

Twin Pile Underpinning

The main advantage of this system is that all the work is carried out from the outside of the building leaving the inside relatively unaffected.

Twin piles are inserted either side of the affected area and a support prop placed across the length. This method of underpinning is very quick and offers minimum disruption

Screw Piling

Screw Pile

Steel screw piling is an excellent solution for foundation subsidence control and underpinning when a piling rig cannot be used due to restricted space.

Steel screw piles can be inserted by a two man crew by hand if neccessary.Th ere is also relatively little soil to remove off site.

Grundomat Piles

Hammer Pile Driving

The Grundomat Pile Driving Hammer system is a versatile piling solution for restricted access solution. Minimum vibration is caused making it ideal for use in noise sensitive situations.

The Grundomat Pile Driving system is ideal for house extensions and conservatories in built up areas.

Micro & Mini Piling

Traditional Techniques

These are small piles, typically 125mm to 300mm. They are particularly useful for treating Heritage Buildings because of their non-intrusive nature.

The process involves drilling a hole and inserting a steel casing with a central rebar. The casing is then withdrawn while at the same time grout is pumped in.