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Structural Building Repair London

Building Wow Factor House Extensions at the Cheapest Possible Prices in London can make structural repairs to timber and masonry in all types of structures including private houses and flats, tower blocks, commercial and industrial properties, arches and bridges, listed buildings, English Heritage, Churches, retaining walls and chimney stacks.

HouseStructural RepairsWe offer a full diagnostic service including structural reports and site surveys. Once the cause of the structural problem has been identified we offer a variety of cost effective and value for money structural repair solutions many of which will keep disruption to a minimum throughout the building work.

Typical Structural Repairs we carry out include

  • Brick and Concrete Repairs
  • Settlement and Subsidence
  • Masonry Arch and Lintel Repair
  • Bay Window Separation
  • Wooden Joist Repairs
  • Timber and Wood Repairs
  • Window Frame and Door Repairs
  • Wet and Dry Rot
  • Rising and Penetrating Damp
  • Underpinning
  • Tanking and Water proofing
  • Brickwork Repointing

Our skilled tradesmen are fully certified to perform all types of structural repair work. Helifix repairs and strengthening schemes are covered by our insurance backed guarantees which cover both design and installation.

The technologically advanced Helifix Structural Repair System offers concealed non-disruptive, non-destructive structural repair of all common building defects and is approved repair method in Listed and Heritage Buildings.

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Brick and Concrete Repairs

Structural Brick and Masonry Repairs

  • Spalled and Blown Brickwork
  • Masonry Arch and Lintel Repair
  • Settlement and Subsidence
  • Bay Window Separation
  • Repair of Retaining walls
  • Delaminated and Separated Masonry
  • Cracked Walls and Masonry
  • Wall Tie Failure
  • Bulging External Walls
  • Corroded and Cracked Concrete

Timber and Wood Repairs

Structural Repairs to Timber and Wood

  • Dry Rot repair
  • Wet Rot Repair
  • Timber Resin Splice
  • Decayed Beam/Joist Ends
  • Timber Beam Strengthening
  • Bower Beam Installation
  • Bowed Sagging or Cracked Beams
  • Joist Repairs
  • Frame and Door Repairs
  • Sash Window Repairs

General Repairs

Serious Structural Building Faults

  • Roof Spread Repair
  • Underpinning
  • Water Proofing
  • Damp Proofing
  • Excess Condensation Repair
  • Rising Damp
  • Penetrating Damp
  • Leaking Roofs and Gutters
  • Blocked Drains
  • Wood Worm Removal

Wall Tie Replacement - Cem-Ties

Replacing Corroded Wall Ties

Wall Tie Replacement is required if the existing wall ties have become corroded leading to cracked and bulging walls. New self tapping helical ties are inserted which pin the two layers of masonry together across the wall cavity.

The drill holes are then filled with coloured mortar to match the existing brickwork. The result is a seamless fix involving no disruption or destructive structural fixing. The helical dry fix tiles can also be used to pin arches above doors and windows which are structurally unsound.

Crack Stitching

Structural Repair of Vertical Wall Cracks

Crack Stitching is used to fix vertical cracks in structurally unsound walls. The process involves cutting out the mortar bed and inserting a helical bar horizontally across the crack. The helical bar is grouted into place.

This process is repeated along the length of the crack. Coloured mortar is used to match the colour of the brick work. The result is a structurally sound repair hardly visible to the naked eye. This method of crack stitching involves little disruption when compared to other more destructive methods.


Structural Lateral Restraint using Bow-Ties

Bow-Ties are a lateral restraint system used to stop structurally suspect walls from moving laterally. This method involves drilling a stainless steel pin through the outside wall and screwing it through the joists in the floor.

The masonry around the bow-tie is then injected with tri-set resin until the hole is filled. The outer wall can then be made good with coloured grout. The resulting structurally repair is almost invisible, involves no lifting of floor boards, and causes very little disruption and visual disturbance.

Emergency Call out

Life Threatening Structural Faults

Some structural faults in buildings only become apparent when they start to threaten life and limb - in these situations immediate remedial work is an absolute necessity to make the area safe.

Contact straight away. Our first priority is to make the structure safe and non life threatening. Once this is done our structural engineers will produce a report detailing the work which needs to done to completely resolve the situation. Building repair work can then proceed.

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Structural Repair using Underpinning

Having three decades of structural repair experience carry out underpinning for insurance companies, private properties and commercial and industrial businesses.

We use a variety of underpinning techniques including Grouting, Pile Drive and Grout, Knuckle Piles, Pile and Beam, traditional underpinning, piled raft, twin pile, angle pile and jackdown pile underpinning. All our underpinning works carry a 10 year insurance backed guarantee

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Building Subsidence

Repairing the Causes of Subsidence

Subsidence in buildings occurs when the ground on which the foundations are built becomes unstable, allowing movement. The solution is to stabilise the ground preventing further movement.

Once the ground has been stabilised and the subsidence has stopped remedial repairs to the building can take place. Subsidence can be stopped by underpinning the foundations however in some cases simply removing surrounding trees is enough to stabilise the ground.

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Brickwork Repointing

Structural Fault Prevention by Repointing

Cement Beds and mortar between brickwork can decay over time - leading to substantial structural damage through constant freezing and thawing and salt deposition has the expertise to ensure that the materials used for repointing will match in terms of compressive strength, permeability, thermal expansion and colour. The techniques used vary from gun point injection to hand repointing.

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Wooden Joist Repair

Timber Resin Engineering have extensive knowledge and experience with Timber Resin Engineering allowing to repair structural components without extensive and expensive building work.

Structural repair to supporting timbers and wooden frames can often be done in situ using Timber Resin Engineering - lintels, joists, rafters, tie-beams, wall plates, bressumers, glulam beams and wooden posts are examples.

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Tanking and Water Proofing

Damp Proofing of House and Basements have years of experience in providing advanced solutions for waterproofing, tanking and damp proofing basements and houses throughout the London area.

We provide drainage systems and cavity drainage membranes which will provide a dry surface onto which proprietary lining systems can be fixed to provide the desired finish. Our basement water proofing systems adhere to BS 8102 specifications

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Rising Damp Treatment

Stopping Rising Damp

To stop rising damp a Damp Proof Course need to installed in the problem walls. There are a variety of ways to achieve this and will select the most suitable method for your situation generally use a silicon based chemical damp proof course (the Wykamol pressure injection system) which is inserted into the brickwork. Mortar Injection Systems are also available. Both these systems adhere to BS 6576

Concrete/Stone Repair

Structural Concrete Repair

Concrete degrades overtime - Even modern structures such as tunnels, bridges and high rise blocks, built to stringent specifications, deteriorate due to increasingly harsh environmental conditions. have advanced concrete repair solutions which will restore structural integrity offering protection against freeze and thaw damage, water penetration, attack by chloride compounds and carbonation.

Lintel Repair and Replacement

Fixing Door and Window Lintels use one of two methods to fix failing lintels and archways. The first is traditional replacement - supporting the surrounding brick work and removing the lintel or arch.

The second is to use a Helfix Masonry Beam and Helfix Cem-Ties. This system takes the loading away from the arch. and spreads it to the sides. The advantages are that there is no lengthy disruptive work with projects often taking less than a day to complete.