Electrical Periodic Safety Reports -PIR- Electrical Safety Certificates for Landlords - Electrical PIRs for Business
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Electrical Safety Reports - PIR

Electrical Safety Inspections Explained - PIRs

A Periodic Inspection Report ensures that all aspects of the electrical supply in a property conform to nationally agreed safety standards. Typically, the inspection report will highlight defective electrical work, any lack of earthing or bonding, fire and electric shock risks and will also reveal if any circuits are being over loaded.

Electrical PIRIf you are are home owner a PIR should take place every 10 years and in the case of businesses every 5 years. It is also useful to have a PIR when buying or selling a house. Landlords renting out property are also under a legal obligation to have an electrical safety inspection each time the property is rented out a new tenant. .

The PIR will include the following

  • Earthing and bonding
  • Switch gear and fuse boxes
  • Switches, sockets and light fittings
  • The condition of the wiring system
  • The safety of outdoor safety equipment
  • Correct labeling and warning signs
  • Deterioration and wear and tear in the system
  • Change of use problems eg residential to commercial

YourLondonBuilders.co.uk supply qualified electricians to carry out residential and commercial PIRs. For more information download the the electrical safety leaflet supplied by the Electrical Safety Council (below)

Electrical Safety Guide PDF >>